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2study ABROAD opens unthinkable avenues for our students seeking a prosperous career. We all know how competitive the world is these days and we want to provide our students with the upper hand. Whatever your academic situation, the likelihood is that you’ll find a course to take your academic stance to the next level.
2Study High School Abroad
Enjoy the best year of your life in a High School abroad!
Study, make new friends, discover a new culture and of course, enjoy bilingual status! Don't miss out!
2Study University Abroad
Invest in your future!
Study in a university abroad and live a unique experience that will open up unimaginable avenues leading to a prosperous future!
¡Aprovecha la oportunidad, y disfruta de un año que marcara tu vida!
2Study Postgrad Abroad
What could you achieve as an academic?
Work with the best professionals in your field and contribute to our discovery of the world. Make the most of this opportunity and start the next step towards the career of your dreams.
2Study Vocationals
2Learn presents 2Study Vocationals! The programme that offers all sorts of courses all over the world to appeal to everyone, whatever your working of academic situation. Don't hesitate in contacting us to find out more about what we can do for you!

2work ABROAD

2Work ABROAD is a relaunch of 2work and holiday. These courses aim to open our students’ minds through offering incredibly unique opportunities that vary from au pair EXPERIENCES all the way through to voluntary projects.
Au Pair in the USA
Improve your English whilst working and living with an american family, travel and meet new people from all over the world.
2Work UK
Improve your English whilst working! Bolster your CV with new professional experiences and grow personally. Benefit from our help in finding the perfect job for this experience.
Work and Study AU
Australia is an amazing country for you to compliment your studies with such a wide variety of working opportunities. Travel during your holidays and live an experience that will change your life.
Work & Holiday AU
Australia is a beautiful country that offers such a wide range of working opportunities. Make the most of your holiday and explore the country of the kangaroos!

2learn experiences

We’re so proud to offer such a wide array of opportunities to our clients. Scroll down to find out more about our RE-BRANDED 2learn experiences.
Language Courses (Adults)
It's never too late!
We encourage everyone to get involved in exploring new languages and cultures. We have the best English teachers and are very proud to offer this course. We are looking to expand this course to other languages as well so please stay tuned to any updates.
Junior Courses
We encourage younger students to participate in our Junior Courses that teach English in an enjoyable environment. We guarantee a worthwhile investment in language learning and are pleased to see fast developments in the target language.
English Preparation Language
We prepare you for Cambridge Exams; the most recognised in the world. These qualifications open up avenues all over the world.
Ven & Go
The traditional language exchange... remastered!
2Learn presents our interpretation of the perfect exchange programme. Ideal for youngsters interested in learning languages. We have global contacts that allow us to do things the way we see fit. We do it differently!
Spanish Programs
Are you living in Spain and want to improve your Spanish? This course is perfect for you! Our professional teachers will help you in developing your communication skills.
Volunteer Projects
As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have paired up with many organisations that are dear to our hearts. They offer unbelievable experiences that are always in high demand.