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Ireland is a magical country, known for the beauty of its green landscapes and the kindness and hospitality of its people; It has an extensive Celtic history and tradition and stands out for being a safe and welcoming place for international students, which they achieve thanks to the magnificent qualities of Ireland and the affinities that we share both in culture, religion or even in the educational system, integration making it happen in a simpler and more pleasant way. The geographical proximity (only a 2 and a half hours flight), the membership of the European Union, the affordable cost of living, but above all the quality of their education make Ireland an ideal destination for year or semester students, both in foster families and in boarding schools. And if all this were not enough reasons to decide on Ireland as your academic destination, then we will tell you all its advantages and the peculiarities of the Irish school program, which we are sure will make you dream of enjoying your experience as soon as possible.

” Dare to venture to live your Irish experience, an opportunity that will make you evolve and change your life forever. You will meet new friends, live with a new family and attend a new school meeting all your expectations. “

What are you waiting for? 


The Irish host family that selects you to spend your academic year with them, is subjected to a series of examinations by our local coordinators to ensure that they are trained to bear this responsibility in order to exceed your expectations. The Irish are people very similar to the Spanish, we share many similarities in terms of character and that is why the atmosphere will be very familiar and welcoming from the first moment. You will feel at home and your integration will be very fast. The profile of the families may vary but there is no perfect family, the student will feel comfortable with their host family as it will adjust to their personality and preferences. Trust 2Learn Group as we have coordinators who follow a rigorous selection process to make sure that the student’s needs are met.


Apart from enjoying one of the best educational systems in the world, Ireland, you can also get to know this wonderful country and savor new cultures and experiences. Ireland is an island that has wonderful coasts to carry out a myriad of activities. Also add that small cities have their own charm and are usually calmer than the capital. We encourage you to explore every corner of the island in order to take advantage of every moment of this experience to its limit.


The academic year in Ireland lasts 6 years and the school year is divided into 3 terms:

First term:

From September to December. 

SECOND term:

From January to Easter.

THIRD term:

From Easter to June.

 We know that it can be difficult to understand how the academic system works in Ireland and that is why at 2Learn Group we will review the operation of the Irish educational method year by year. Add that although it may have certain differences, this system has great similarities with Spanish and this can make it easier for the student to integrate and develop. 

Students prepare for the Junior Certificate. They will take 7 to 10 subjects of which history, mathematics, English, geography and CSPE (politics) are compulsory. Depending on the school, students will have the option to choose some subjects and others. The difficulty varies, there are higher or lower level exams. For example, math and English tests have a basic level. Once the 3 years have been completed, the Junior Certificate will be obtained, although there may be exceptions. The result of the notes will be processed in September. 

This year represents a radical change for the student since it is used so that they get to know themselves and can choose their subjects according to their tastes and preferences for the Leaving Certificate (the final exam of the system Irish High School Education and the Irish College Enrollment Exam). Some Subjects can be completed in modules of 8-12 weeks. Students will have two weeks of work experience, thus being able to mature and really find out what they want to do in the future and thus be able to try to get a job in that area. The practices can be done one day a week, but everything will depend on the school. Also add that during this year, the school organizes excursions for the enjoyment of its students. Everyone is expected to attend and the destination is usually an adventure camp where you can practice different sports such as canoeing, archery, horseback riding, climbing … The cost is usually around € 200- € 300 

 The last two years are dedicated to preparing for the state exam called Leaving Certificate. The subjects they must pass are mathematics and English plus 4-5 subjects to choose from at a higher or ordinary level. Remember that not all subjects are offered in all schools. Normally foreign students who want to take the Leaving Certificate must take at least two higher level subjects. They must also pass the compulsory subjects for validation in their country. The results of this exam are in August.


Almost 5 million


70.273 km2

Official languages

English and Gaelic

Largest city







Program timeline

SCHOOL YEAR PRICE 2021/2022: € 15980


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