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Spending an entire academic year in a country like the United States, with another language, ensures you return being bilingual. English is a highly requested language and it will open doors for you in the future. You will have access to study with a different educational system that will allow you to take new subjects and gain different knowledge. This will enhance your academic journey and work prospects. As everyday life in the United States is very different from everyday life in other countries, it will be a change that will allow you to be more independent and gain a sense of responsibility that if it had not been for this adventure, you could not have achieved! Also, thanks to the regulation of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training, the school year in the United States is validated in Spain. From 2Learn Group we manage the validation and advise our students so that they comply with the regulations required by the Ministry.

“Enjoy a new stage in your life, discover a unique experience in the United States. An enriching journey that will make you evolve and live an adventure of dreams. Your life will take a 360-degree turn sharing your best year with a new family, friends, school and countless advantages at your fingertips. “

Are you going to miss it? ​

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The student has at all times the help of a local coordinator available 24 hours a day to assist him when he needs it. We will always be there both before the trip and during.


Our most common way of making ourselves known is by word of mouth, most clients choose us because they recommend us to entrust us with this type of program.


At 2Learn Group we make sure to offer the best quality in all of our programs. Our program to the United States allows you to improve your level of English, learn about new experiences, travel, grow, create new friends, learn about its culture ... We can always make it possible under the supervision of our professionals to guarantee the safety of the student.

24 hour assistance

For all our programs, 2Learn Group has a 24/7 support service through which students can contact our coordinators, who will provide help with whatever they need and when they need it. Add that the conversation can be completely in Spanish; Being able to send them messages by email by WhatsApp or call them by phone, as it is easier or more comfortable for the student. Point out that they also have the telephone and email of the local and regional coordinators in the USA in charge of the same function, and that they will offer their help also at all times.


We are aware of the concern generated by sending a child abroad, since we have experienced it first-hand by also sending our children to this type of program. This is why we offer support and assistance for parents during the period in which their child is having the best experience in the United States. From Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day, we are always at your disposal. Our main objective is the safety and well-being of our students and to ensure that they return having lived one of the best experiences of their lives in which they can learn and above all meet their expectations and get a better preparation for their future.

support and assistance for parents

Studying in the United States requires a rigorous and exhaustive process. Therefore, we are the ones who take care of all the management and processing tasks. Forget worrying about paperwork, visa, embassy, ​​choice of subjects or validation upon return to Spain.

we take care of everything!

Students will not be alone, they have the help of a local coordinator. He will reside near the area to be available in case the student may need him in any situation, and will maintain contact with both the family and the school. In addition, they will also have an academic tutor assigned by the school.


The student will have the opportunity to choose where to enjoy their stay in the United States. The country is divided into 5 zones (West, Central, South and East), you can choose the zone or even the specific state.​

For this, it will be necessary to pay a supplement but this does not fully guarantee your stay in the desired area, in the event that the circumstance arises and that for any reason you cannot find a family in the desired area, it will be reimbursed the amount previously paid for said concept


The educational system

The educational system in the USA is very different from what we know here in Spain. There they prioritize practice and teamwork. Each week’s effort is valued and recognized through individual or group projects. Having a more practical vision makes the course much more bearable and fun since it is learned in a more enjoyable and close way. Each semester has 5-7 subjects, the choice of which will depend on the baccalaureate you want to take. 


It should be noted that in the United States they are more flexible and allow you to be much more free when it comes to designing the best academic program that suits you. They have a multitude of electives that will captivate the student’s curiosity. The start date depends on the district where the school is located. Classes will begin in mid to late August in the southern United States and in the north in early September. The first trimester, the shortest, lasts from the beginning until Christmas and the second, from Christmas until mid-May or the end of June.


As we have seen in American movies, extracurricular activities play a very fundamental role throughout the year. The areas that stand out the most are those of sports (basketball, American football, swimming, etc.) and art (theater, painting, music and even ceramics). High Schools have clubs of different themes in which students can participate, where they can not only develop extracurricular activities but also make new friends.


The educational system in the United States works differently, knowledge is assessed in a more practical way and through exams at a level appropriate for the student. Practice and know-how prevails over content memorization. This type of method is usually more effective since it helps the student to know how to put any content into practice, which may facilitate the success of their future work.


The student is the one who chooses the subjects he wants to take, this will allow him to adapt his schedule 100% to be able to train as best as possible in the sector of interest *. As we have mentioned previously, the classes will be much more practical and there must be participation in order to achieve a good grade and a better academic future.

* In choosing these subjects, you will have the support of the 2Learn Group coordinator who will guide you to ensure that these subjects can be validated.


This program is very popular in the United States and they are used to receiving exchange students. They have initiatives to make integration in the institute easier and make you feel part of the group. Exchange students are very prestigious and valued, as they have undergone a selection process to get there. The teachers will welcome you and help you during your stay.


Depending on the district to which your High School belongs, the length of the school year may vary. It usually lasts 9 and a half months, varying the start and end dates depending on the state you are in. Thus being able to establish the beginning of the school year from the end of July to the middle of September. In the cases in which the course begins earlier, it will end around the month of May and if it begins in September, it will end at the end of June.


Sports are highly valued and very important. From 2LearnGroup we encourage you to participate in those that you like the most as they will help you integrate into the High School, make new friends and enjoy the countless advantages offered by practicing sport. There are schools that are specialized in a specific sport or it varies depending on the season or weather. In general, this is the list of the most common sports:

· Soccer
· Tennis
· Volleyball

· Basketball
· Athletics
· Swimming

· Cheerleading
· Gymnastics
· Football


Apart from sports, another of the most characteristic and important things is the variety of clubs and extracurricular activities that the student has at their disposal. Apart from being able to do what you like, it will allow you to integrate better and meet many people interested in your same tastes, which will make your incorporation much faster and easier. There are many activities at your fingertips, you can choose one or more based on your hobbies or find a new hobby. The key is motivation and the desire to learn new things. 

These are some clubs or extracurricular activities that institutes have in the United States:

· Robotics
· Photography
· Theater

· Dance
· Volunteering
· United Nations

· Music band
· Entrepreneurship
· School magazine or newspaper


The role of teachers is key in your academic course. If you are a brilliant student, they will support you to be even better, they will not take away your merits but they will support you. If you are an ordinary student, who is good at some subjects but is more difficult in others, you will be motivated so that those that are more complicated are easier, enhancing your qualities.


We want to influence the quality of teaching as it becomes much more enjoyable for students. They learn by doing individual or group work, laboratory activities, debates … The participation and weekly work of the students is taken into account. All these activities will be the ones that later determine your grade.


Classes in the United States usually start at 8:00 am and end around 3:00 pm. What will really change are the subjects, sports or extracurricular activities in which the student has enrolled. From time to time, these activities may coincide with the student’s calendar, in which case you will have to adjust your schedule as best suits you in order to attend both classes and extracurricular activities. The advantage is that you can customize your schedule and make it as efficient as possible.



Students of the J1 public school academic program will spend their stay in the company of a new American family. They will have the opportunity to join as a member and learn about new cultures first hand. The purpose of these families is totally humble, since they participate in this type of program on a voluntary basis, with the aim of understanding and sharing interests with someone from another country. They will provide affection and protection during the entire period of the student’s stay. Families can vary in size, socio-cultural level, ethnicity or religion, but the degree of satisfaction of the students does not depend on this.


Success will depend a lot on the student’s ability to adapt to his new family, how he integrates into it, and the motivation to learn. Mention that there is no type of exclusion towards the student and there should not be towards the families either. To make sure we find the best choice, it should be noted that all families have been authorized and supervised by the US Department of State and the CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel). Which implies that all families have undergone a previous selection that consists of the contribution of references and criminal records of all family members, a personal interview, the home audit…


Guidance and advice will also be provided to facilitate the integration of the student from the first moment. The coordinators work hard to decrease the student’s wait time for information from the family. Therefore, it is necessary to be patient until they find the ideal family that best fits the student. Remember that it is the families who choose the student through the application forms, so it is very important to fill it out rigorously to find the perfect family.

El familia

Los estudiantes del programa académico en colegio público J1 pasarán su estancia en compañía de una nueva familia americana. Tendrán la oportunidad de integrarse como un miembro más y conocer nuevas culturas de primera mano. El propósito de estas familias es totalmente humilde, ya que participan en este tipo de programas de forma voluntaria, con el objetivo de entender y compartir intereses con alguien de otro país. Aportarán cariño, afecto y protección durante todo el periodo de la estancia del estudiante. Las familias pueden variar en tamaño, nivel socio-cultural, etnia o religión, pero el grado de satisfacción de los estudiantes no depende de esto. El éxito dependerá mucho de la capacidad de adaptación del estudiante a su nueva familia, de cómo este se integre en la misma y de la motivación por aprender. Mencionar, que no hay ningún tipo de exclusión hacia el estudiante y no debe haber tampoco hacia las familias. 


Para asegurarnos de acertar con la mejor elección, cabe destacar que todas las familias han sido autorizadas y supervisadas por el US Department of State y el CSIET (Council of Standards for International Educational Travel). Lo que implica que todas las familias han pasado por una selección previa que consta de la aportación de referencias y antecedentes penales de todos los miembros de la familia, una entrevista personal, la auditoría de la vivienda… También se les aportará orientación y asesoramiento para facilitar la integración del estudiante desde el primer momento. Las coordinadoras trabajan duro para disminuir el tiempo de espera del estudiante respecto a recibir información de la familia. Por ello, es necesario tener paciencia hasta que encuentren la familia ideal, que mejor encaje con el estudiante. Recordar, que son las familias quienes escogen al estudiante mediante los formularios de solicitud, por lo que es muy importante rellenarlo rigurosamente para encontrar a la familia perfecta. 


The academic year in Ireland lasts 6 years and the school year is divided into 3 terms: LOREM IPSUM


From September to December. 


From January to Easter.LOREM IPSUM


From Easter to June.

LOREM IPSUM ecundaria, ya que esta se divide en dos partes: 

Desde los 11/12 hasta los 13/14 años. Su duración es de 3 cursos. LOREM IPSUMLOREM IPSUM

Desde 15/16 hasta los 17/18 años. Su duración es de 4 cursos. LOREM IPSUMLOREM IPSUM

En este programa nos centramos en el High School, lo que en España sería 4ºESO, 1º Bachillerato y 2º Bachillerato. 


El programa au pair en USA está aprobado, monitorizado y regulado por el gobierno de los Estados Unidos; nuestra agencia asociada en USA está designada por el Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos actuando como tu sponsor para que puedas solicitar tu visado J-1 (el cual te permitirá trabajar en este programa en los Estados Unidos). Este visado te permitirá ser au pair en los Estados Unidos. No es un visado de trabajo sino de intercambio de estudiantes y por ello tendrás que cursar 6 créditos en colleges o universidades americanas. Con este fín, las familias te darán una beca de estudios de hasta $500. Además tu visado te permite al finalizar tu estancia, y si así lo deseas, puedas prolongar tu estancia un mes más como turista para viajar y conocer Los Estados Unidos antes de regresar definitivamente.


 The fee includes tuition and living with the Canadian host family. Spending could range from CAD $ 23,000 to CAD $ 36,000 per academic year. It all depends on the district and the school in which the student’s academic year will take place. Big cities like Toronto are usually the most expensive and those smaller cities are generally cheaper.


328 million


Almost 10 million km2

Official languages

Although English is the most widely spoken language in this territory, the United States does not have an official language.

Largest city

New York


Washington D.C.


American dollar


Entrevista Personal
Para comenzar el proceso deberás ponerte en contacto con nosotros para solicitar una entrevista en la cual le informaremos todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el programa y los pasos pertinentes para apuntarse. 
Test de nivel de inglés (ELTIS):
Nos pondremos en contacto contigo para acordar una cita con la intención de poder llevar a cabo una prueba de nivel de inglés (examen ELTIS) y una entrevista. Este examen debe aprobarse para poder apuntarse a este programa, pero no hay que tenerle miedo, el nivel exigido es un nivel básico. 
Preinscripción y reserva de plaza:
Una vez obtenidos los resultados del examen ELTIS, habrá que rellenar y firmar una hoja de inscripción y del contrato y abono de 1.500 euros. 
Presentación de documentación:
Después de haber hecho la reserva de plaza pasaremos al siguiente paso, rellenar la documentación en la que tendrás que aportar toda tu información personal, médica y académica. Si hay alguna duda de como complementar este expediente siempre pueden ponerse en contacto con nosotros y estaremos más que agradecidos de poder ayudaros.
Confirmación del colegio y familia:
Tan pronto como tengamos noticias de tu nuevo colegio y familia, te facilitaremos todos sus detalles para que te sientas libre de contactar con ellos antes de tu vuelo a Estados Unidos.
Gestión de visado:
Se tendrá que rellenar una solicitud y pedir cita para poder tener una entrevista personal con la embajada.
Unas semanas antes de la partida, tendremos una sesión orientativa para tratar aquellos temas o aspectos importantes que se deben saber acompañado de consejos y detalles sobre el seguro médico, convalidaciones...

Program timeline

Para empezar a gestionar tu matrícula y formalizar tu participación en el programa, concertamos una cita para conocernos y explicaros cómo funciona este programa para así poder solventar y aclarar cualquier duda. Repasamos paso por paso todo lo que se necesitas saber antes de embarcarte en esta experiencia. Evaluaremos tu nivel de inglés actual y si estás preparado, deberás superar el test ELTIS. Este test es obligatorio y se deberá aprobar para participar en el programa.

Como ya hemos mencionado, este test es el primer paso que debes tomar para cumplimentar tu solicitud. Todo aquel que quiera inscribirse en este programa deberá demostrar que tiene un buen nivel respecto al idioma y podrá ser capaz de seguir las clases. Para poder aprobar el examen la puntuación mínima requerida es de 223 puntos sobre 300, pero no hay que tenerle miedo ya que es un nivel básico y desde 2LearnGroup podremos ayudarte. Si necesitas refuerzo, uno de nuestros tutores podrá trabajar contigo para que puedas conseguir la puntuación necesaria.

20% del total a la Inscripción

50% del total antes del 1 de Abril

30% del total antes del 30 de Junio

Una vez superada la prueba ELTIS, activaremos tu dossier online en la plataforma para que puedas rellenarlo. Esta solicitud se cumplimenta de manera online, en ella deberá redactarse una extensa información acerca del alumno ya que esta se le hará llegar a las familias americanas interesadas en acoger alumnos extranjeros para el próximo año académico. Te facilitaremos una guía donde recibirás consejos y recomendaciones para poder rellenar la solicitud a la perfección. La solicitud debe incluir:

-Datos personales y familiares

-Datos académicos (notas de los últimos tres años)

-Datos médicos y cartilla de vacunación

-Tus preferencias (deportes, aficiones, gustos, costumbres, etc…)

-Fotos familiares

-Cartas de recomendación y personales (tanto tuyas como de tu familia)


Cuando la solicitud ya esté terminada siguiendo el procedimiento y los consejos proporcionados por nuestra empresa, proseguiremos a revisar si todo está perfecto para poder enviarlo a Estados Unidos. Si por el contrario hay algo que debe ser rectificado, os pediremos modificar los cambios pertinentes ya que la solicitud ha de estar perfectamente completada.

Tras realizar la solicitud a la organización americana, recibirás la aceptación oficial entre 2 o 4 semanas después. Será oficial tu inicio en el programa y estarás a muy pocos pasos de poder disfrutar del mejor año de tu vida en Estados Unidos. Ahora toca esperar a recibir los datos de tu familia anfitriona, este proceso puede demorarse hasta el 31 de agosto. Hay que ser pacientes, ya que la espera va a valer la pena.

A partir del 15 de Junio comenzamos con la solicitud de visados. Para que este proceso sea lo más fácil para vosotros, nosotros gestionamos la cita en la embajada, recopilar toda la documentación necesaria y el pago de las tasas correspondientes.

Recordar que el pasaporte deberá estar vigente como mínimo hasta diciembre de 2022.

Desde 2LearnGroup os proporcionamos estar en disposición de varias opciones para la ampliación de seguro médico y seguro de cancelación para antes y durante el año académico con un precio de 320€.

Desde el 1 de Julio al 1 de Septiembre de 2021 las familias podrán ya conocer la familia americana que le ha seleccionado y el colegio donde va a estudiar durante su estancia en Estados Unidos.

Tu avión despega aproximadamente 7 días antes del comienzo del curso escolar de tu nuevo colegio. El calendario escolar puede variar en función del estado o colegio en el que se esté matriculado es por ello que puede ser desde finales de julio hasta principios de septiembre. Una vez tengamos la información de los datos de tu nueva familia y tu nuevo colegio, conoceremos la fecha exacta del inicio del curso para que se pueda gestionar vuestro vuelo. Dicha información puede llevar tiempo por lo que os pedimos paciencia ya que se puede retrasar hasta el 31 de agosto.

Una vez todos los pasos estén cumplimentados solo queda lo mejor, disfrutar de la mejor de las oportunidades y evolucionar como persona ya que es una de las experiencias más gratificantes que puedes realizar. ¡Mucha suerte!



The J1 program is one of the most requested plans when it comes to hiring this type of service.


We are aware of the concern generated by sending a child abroad, since we have experienced it first hand sending our children with the same program. This is why we offer support and assistance for parents during the period in which their child is having the best experience on the other side of the pond. From Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day, always at your disposal. Our main objective is the safety of our students so that they can return having lived one of the best adventures of their life and having achieved their expectations.

24-hour assistance with a 2Learn Group academic advisor

The student will be able to contact our counselor who will provide help in whatever they need and when they need it. Add that the conversation can be completely in Spanish. You can send him a message by email or WhatsApp or call by phone, whichever is easier or more comfortable. Point out that they also have the telephone or email of the local and regional coordinators in the USA in charge of the same function, and that they will help you at all times. Students will not be alone, they have the help of a local coordinator. He will reside near the area to be available in case of any problem that the student may have, and will maintain contact with both the family and the school. In addition, they will also have an academic tutor assigned by the school.

Studying in the United States requires a rigorous and exhaustive process. Therefore, we are the ones who take care of all the management and processing tasks. Forget worrying about paperwork, visa, embassy, ​​choice of subjects or validation upon return to Spain.

We will help you choose the best school within the province that you prefer according to your needs.
The safety of our international students is paramount , so they will have local coordinators who will provide protection.
The student will learn English as we do not place students of the same nationality in the same home. This will force them to talk to the host family and learn the language.
There are schools that offer opportunities for foreign students that you should not miss, such as International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, French, sports academies, concentrations in STEM, business, communications technology, health and wellness, tourism and more.
Some of our secondary schools admit students with a low level of English.
We will take care of the well-being of the student by offering help whenever they need it.

SCHOOL YEAR PRICE 2021/2022: € 11950


The families that collaborate in these programs are not all the same, there are some with children, others without children, a father or a mother … Something that each and every one of them does share is the selection process, a rigorous method that they must pass families interested in being part of the program to establish that they are valid to host an international student during their academic year. The assigned and approved family cannot be turned away unless it jeopardizes the safety of the student.

In this program it is not allowed to return to Spain for Christmas or during your stay in the United States, or visits from family or friends except for the last two weeks before the end of the school year.

In order to access this program, you must meet the required medical conditions. If it is about allergies to certain foods, plants, animals … we can observe your case and provide you with an option suitable for your needs.

You will receive all the information from both your host family and your new school and your local coordinator before your departure to the United States. We will be able to know this data from eight weeks after having delivered the documentation with your personal information.

The main objective in this type of program is to ensure that the student learns the language, which is why it is not allowed to host two students of the same nationality in the same host house. In our case, no Spanish-speaking students are allowed. Yes, there may be another exchange student but as long as they comply with the aforementioned.


Fill in your details and we’ll send you our J1 catalog in no time.

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