Canada was named by the BBC the “superpower of education”, which shows once again that the best destination for this type of experience is Canada. Its growing number of international students does not stop increasing each year, which is not surprising since the education provided there is very inclusive, treating each person in the same way, offering the same opportunities for all. There are international students who go to Canada for studies, be it an academic year or a semester. There are others who prefer to stay longer to prepare for college. Whatever your goal, from 2Learn Group we can make it possible, trust us and live the best year of your life.


The student is assisted by a local coordinator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are available at all times, as well as before and during the student's trip.


At 2Learn Group, we strive to provide the highest quality
in all of our programs.


We offer a valuable and personalized service to our clients because we understand
the complexities of the programs and have participated in them before.



Being able to live with a Canadian family and be part of it is a privilege that will give the student a great opportunity to develop and practice the language to the point of being able to reach their country being bilingual. The student will be able to enjoy their culture and learn from it, thus opening their mind to new experiences. One of the great advantages that being able to live this experience in Canada gives you is being able to establish new friendships and enrich yourself with their different lifestyle as well as learning to see the world from another perspective. This unique adventure will make you mature and grow in a much more fruitful way.


As you already know, Canada enjoys a colder landscape, you can visit its fantastic mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. This country is known for winter sports, with ice hockey being the most famous. But apart, you can also do ice fishing, sledding, skating, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, among others. Once the snow falls, you can enjoy other activities such as hiking, canoeing, baseball, camping, kayaking, soccer, golf, tennis … Everything that is in your imagination and the environmental characteristics allow it.


If sport is not something you are passionate about, it is also worth mentioning that Canada has magnificent architecture and cuisine. Let yourself be carried away by gastronomy and discover new corners that allow you to appreciate how beautiful Canadian metropolitan cities are. You can attend concerts, festivals, go shopping and everything you want to do in the big city.



The Canadian educational system is well known for having classes such as adventure tourism, horse riding or ice hockey. It can be a great contrast to what we know today, but it must be remembered that Canada is one of the first countries with the best reputation regarding education. The teachers maintain a great relationship with their students, which allows them to connect with their students, creating the best environment.


The Canadian school year begins in September and ends in July, including the Christmas (December) and Easter (March) holidays. They will have several free weekends that they can use to explore the city or carry out an activity. The schools have 12 grades, in the 9th grade the secondary school begins. Our exchange students are usually placed in year 10, 11 or 12, but it all depends on their age, previous grades and the rules of the school where the exchange will take place.


Staying in a 2Learn Group family home is comforting as they help you feel at home and they will be happy to host you. They will integrate you and you will feel like one of the family within a few weeks of arriving. The cultural difference may amaze you but you will adapt very quickly and you will be able to share different philosophies or lifestyles, thus being able to enrich yourself little by little. The less you expect it, your English will have improved after daily use in conversations both with your family and at school with your new classmates. All 2Learn Group families have English as their first language, although French is also spoken in certain areas. You can count on your family for everything as they will be dedicated to making you feel comfortable and safe in your new home and school. You can also share great moments with your family sharing social or sports activities such as ice skating, going to the movies, going out to lunch / dinner …

When the student is accepted at the requested school, 2Learn Group will place you in a host family near said school and that meets the requirements to ensure the perfect stay of the student. Most of our students are within a maximum of 20 minutes from their school, as we do not want to place the student too far from their destination. Students can choose according to their preferences how it is most comfortable for them to get to school by walking, cycling, taking the school bus or taking public transport. If the family agrees and they offer, they can also bring you closer to the school as another possibility.


In the host family’s house, students can have a single room available to them, thus offering them privacy. In the same house there can be another student but always of another nationality, in order to force the students to speak English. Each of the students has their own bed, a closet, and a study area with their own desk and chair. The family will share meals, social time, field trips, and holidays with international students whenever possible. On the first day, the family together with the students will establish the rules and they will be reviewed in order to have the best stay and experience for everyone. Your Canadian family takes care of you, making you feel at home and will help you in everything. They are your second family, you can count on them for anything.


 Each student will be assigned a local coordinator who will provide continuous support whenever needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can count on him from the moment you arrive in Canada until you leave. This coordinator will work with the student, the host family and the school in order to be in charge of everything and guarantee the safety and well-being of the student. If there are any problems you can always count on the local coordinator as they act as a link to solve possible problems. To contact him you will only have to call a toll free number, he will always be available in case of any emergency.



 Being able to fully integrate into a family whose first language is English is an enriching experience that will help you practice the language every day in a dynamic and fun way. You will be able to participate in daily activities together with the host family who will open the doors to their home so that you can better integrate and be one of them. You will achieve personal and academic success being able to live with a new family that has a different culture and life. This will make you learn about the lifestyle that exists in different countries, thus being able to obtain a more open perspective of the world beyond our land.


Those interested in the program should fill out an application form in which they will have to provide all their information as well as their interests, hobbies, favorite foods … The more detailed the information, the more chances of finding a suitable family for your preferences. Trying to capture each portion of you on a blank sheet of paper we know is difficult, so from 2Learn Group we will help you in this process to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Once completed, it will be the Canadian families (who have passed the selection process) who decide which student they want to be part of their family. We will also take care of checking if the student is the right one for said family to proceed with the next necessary procedures.


 Host families must go through a rigorous selection process by coordinators to ensure that families are trained to include a student in their home under the best possible accommodations. The coordinators are in charge of offering support and assistance to each of the students throughout their stay in Canada.



Each of the public schools found in Canada are accredited by the government and are publicly funded. They have very well certified professional teachers to be able to follow the Canadian standard curriculum. It should be noted that although in each province education is imparted in a similar way, each region has its own study plan.

If you are thinking of studying abroad, Canada is the best option since it is the country that invests the most in education and its degrees are recognized worldwide. Canadian schools have been accepting young students from other countries since 1980 in order to enjoy their educational benefits. Currently this is also maintained, as they accept students to enjoy their programs in high school and also elementary schools. Add that they are also willing to let you enjoy their high level of education in shorter stays such as a few weeks, months or years. Mention that most schools are coeducation and do not offer a religious education. In certain provinces there are religious schools financed by public funds.


The Canadian educational system is different from what we know. Students begin classes in high school from grades 9-12. During that stay, they take increasingly challenging courses to prepare for access to a university career. They will then be able to sign up for all the extracurricular activities the student wants such as sports teams, art clubs, theater, social justice, and leadership groups.


Another great benefit of public schools in Canada is that students with a study visa can stay for several years if they wish. Some only want to try Canada for a short period of time, such as a semester or a year, which is also a rewarding experience.

Finally, if there is still any doubt about whether Canada is the best option, point out that it is the destination country par excellence for many parents and students since it involves very cheap expenses that allow a high standard of living. This is because Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world.


Compulsory education begins at Elementary School at age 6 and ends at Senior High School at age 18. Compulsory education is up to 16 years old but there are students who continue studying for 2 more years to get their graduation diploma at the end of Senior High School.

Unlike in Spain, it is very rare for a student to repeat a course in Canada. Students will not have to stake everything on a single exam. It has a continuous evaluation, they pass small exams that determine their intelligence and training. The Canadian Council of Ministers of Education (CMEC) develops programs such as the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) to demonstrate that the Canadian curriculum works.

The educational system in Canada is different from what we are used to in Spain. It’s divided in:

Non-compulsory education

From grade 1 to grade 6

From grade 10 to grade 12


35 million


Almost 10 million km2


English and French






Canadian dollar


Our public schools offer a high-quality curriculum that we can see including science, math, English, and humanities. Some of the Canadian public schools offer even more opportunities such as:

Students interested in our program will be able to choose the district that best suits them based on many factors other than location, such as these types of benefits and activities. Also, remember that there are public high schools that have great support for international students who have a low level of English. They will be able to enroll in ESL (English as a Second Language) courses in order to provide them with the necessary help to improve their language, while living in Canada with their family and new schoolmates. In this way, your progress with the language will be much easier and faster.


Although many relate Canada to English, it must be added that it is a bilingual country in which French is also very present. The first language is English and all of our families will speak English with the students, but you may have the opportunity to learn both if you are prepared. The student may apply for an English or French speaking school.


Personal interview with us​.
Take an English test (ELTIS Test)​.
Complete the student's dossier with their data​.
Acceptance of the student in the selected school district​.
Emission of the visa, we manage it from 2Learn Group​.
Student departure during the first week of September​.


 The fee includes tuition and living with the Canadian host family. Spending could range from CAD $ 23,000 to CAD $ 36,000 per academic year. It all depends on the district and the school in which the student’s academic year will take place. Big cities like Toronto are usually the most expensive and those smaller cities are generally cheaper.

If you decide to embark on this unique experience with us, 2Learn Group, we assure you the best treatment and all these characteristics:

We will help you choose the best school within the province that you prefer according to your needs.
The safety of our international students is paramount , so they will have local coordinators who will provide protection.
The student will learn English as we do not place students of the same nationality in the same home. This will force them to talk to the host family and learn the language.
There are schools that offer opportunities for foreign students that you should not miss, such as International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, French, sports academies, concentrations in STEM, business, communications technology, health and wellness, tourism and more.
Some of our secondary schools admit students with a low level of English.
We will take care of the well-being of the student by offering help whenever they need it.


Fill in your details and we’ll send you our High School Abroad in Canada catalog in no time.

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