If you like children, have experience in childcare and want to live an unforgettable experience, we offer you the best program so that you can live the American experience, living with a family, learning their customs, improving your level of English …


We know how important it is for someone to listen to you when you need it, so we are always there to advise all our au pairs both before starting their trip and during your entire stay in the United States.


At 2Learn we always look for quality in all our programs. Our Au Pair program will help you improve your level of English, live new experiences, travel ... and always in a safe way and guided by our professionals


98% of our aupairs come from past aupair recommendations


Being an Au Pair consists of living new experiences in new countries, traveling, making new friends, learning or perfecting languages and above all, enjoying the experience to the fullest! And … what will you have to do in exchange for living this experience? You will have to help the host family with the care of their children for a few hours previously agreed; Helping with homework, picking up the children from school, taking them to their extracurricular activities, playing with them and above all being like a sibling for them will be part of your daily tasks. In return, in addition to living the experience and perfecting your languages, you will receive a weekly or monthly salary (depending on your choice of destination), weeks of vacation, a study grant, accommodation and full meals, etc. What do you have to do to participate? The first step is to meet the program requirements (indicated below) and the second step is to contact us to receive detailed information about our AuPair Programs. We will advise you on the program that best suits your qualifications and preferences.

Being an AuPair in the United States is the best way to live this experience.

 Why? Because the activity is regulated by the American State Department and because the conditions of the program in the United States are unmatched by European programs. As an AuPair in the United States, you will have the possibility to live with an American family while you perfect your level of English and travel. You will also have the opportunity to attend classes in American colleges or universities, travel Route 66, attend a football game, go to Las Vegas, among thousands of other activities. An exciting experience in which you can improve your level of English while enjoying, traveling and making new friends. 

Are you ready?


"Thank you 2Learn for this experience, it has been the best way to start to improve my English and to open up to the world. It has been an unforgettable survival test and with these experiences you realize many things that make you change the way you see your future ... Although there are moments that are bad (homesick) they serve to learn and realize everything we have, great things that we do not give importance to! That is why I say ... who has not been to America yet , dare to take off because it will be one of the best experiences of your life 🙂 You don't know what you are missing!"
"What to say about my experience ... it's great! I'm in San Antonio, Texas. I have been in here for almost 9 months and the time has flown !! I know that it can be difficult to start a new stage, and so new, in which you will live with unknown people, in an unknown place and without any support except those that you are forging yourself here. The question is to dare to have one of the best adventures and experiences you can tell."
"I lived an unforgettable experience! From the moment I arrived in the United States, my host family treated me like one of the family, the children have been like my little brothers and although there were moments that I missed my friends and family, I have enjoyed the experience 100%"
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Enjoy the experience of getting to know a new culture, discover a new country, learn a new language, make new friends from all over the world and even improve your CV with studies at an American university. All this in a safe and pleasant environment within your new American family. For more than 16 years our Au Pair program in the USA has successfully helped thousands of young people from the five continents by placing them in carefully selected families.

Each family is carefully selected and interviewed, making sure that they meet our requirements and accept the benefits that everyone, on both sides, must achieve by participating in this program. An enriching experience that will give you a lot on a cultural, human and educational level as well as providing you with an extraordinary command of English.



The au pair program in the USA is approved, monitored and regulated by the United States government; Our partner agency in the USA is designated by the United States Department of State acting as your sponsor so that you can apply for your J-1 visa (which will allow you to work in this program in the United States). This visa will allow you to be an au pair in the United States. It is not a work visa but a student exchange visa and therefore you will have to take 6 credits in American colleges or universities. To this end, the families will give you a scholarship of up to $ 500. In addition, your visa allows you at the end of your stay, and if you wish, you can extend your stay one more month as a tourist to travel and get to know the United States before returning permanently.


As a participant in the Au pair program in the USA, you will be able to enjoy the experience of living in an American host family, experience its culture and customs, and you will be able to speak and master English, as well as attend classes at an American university, make friends and travel.


After your arrival at the host family, your local coordinator will visit you in your new home and will make sure that everything is correct and that you are well. From that day until the end of your stay, your local coordinator will be at your disposal 24 hours a day to help you and resolve any questions or advice you may need, he or she will be your guide and will be available to help you whenever you need it. Our local coordinators know each family well in order to better help and assist both the family and the participants. Once a month the local coordinator will contact the participants to make sure that everything is going well.


Families will pay you up to $ 500 to study at American colleges or universities. You will be able to choose from a multitude of courses and activities to obtain the 6 curricular credits that you will need to complete your program successfully. Do you want to improve your English? Do you want to sign up for photography? Would you rather go to visit emblematic places in the United States? You will find a multitude of courses and activities so that you can obtain the 6 credits and for this, you will obtain your study grant.


The 2Learn English Training program is a 10-week Intensive English program in which native, certified teachers and subject matter experts will instruct candidates in English during 3 daily lessons in addition to:

Apart from the aforementioned classes, the course also includes a Premium Service managed by experts that cover the following points:


The price of our aupair program is € 1,580, which will be paid in three installments.

1st term (at the time of enrollment) € 550
2nd term (at the end of preparatory training) € 680
3rd term (after having the match with a family) € 350

Gratification Program ** € 350 Possibility of financing subject to conditions of the financial entities​



If you have the nationality of a country of the European Union such as France, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, etc. you can participate in the program. If you have another non-European nationality but you have permanent Spanish residence, you can also participate. If your case is not this, contact us for more information.

In the United States the maximum hours allowed to work are 45 hours per week and maximum 10 hours per day. So if you work 10 hours a day for three days, you could only work 15 more hours that week. The United States program is a program regulated by the American State Department and therefore both salaries, tasks, responsibilities, vacations, etc. it is regulated and controlled for compliance. In the Dutch program, the hours range from 30 hours a week. It is a regulated program also so it is supervised and controlled so that it is fulfilled.

As an Au Pair applicant, the more experience you have, the more appealing you would be. Host Families are still on the lookout for a capable Au Pair. Other qualities, such as maturity, a sense of duty, an interest in cultural exchange, and a sincere desire to care for children, are necessary for placement.

We DO have programs to go AuPair in a European country but we recommend that if you meet the requirements, choose the United States program. It is a program that is much more regulated than AuPair programs in Europe

All families pass rigorous tests to demonstrate their suitability to become host families. They are families with resources since it involves a high cost for families to hire an AuPair and they are usually families with previous multicultural experiences with what they welcome you as part of their family from day one

One of the requirements is to have an intermediate level of English and it is very important since during your stay you will have to communicate and you will also be in the care of children who most likely do not speak your language, with which you have intermediate knowledge It is important. However, don’t worry! 2Learn Group will help you achieve your goals and quickly improve your level of English

The US Department of State regulates au pair selection, which must include at a minimum: The Au Pair is between 18 and 26 years old and has a high school diploma or equivalent. Proficient in spoken English An organization representative conducted an in-person interview in English. A high school graduate or equivalent degree. He passed a background check that included a school check, three non-family personal and employment references, a criminal background check, and a psychometric exam.

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