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Spending an entire academic year in a country like the United States, with another language, ensures you return being bilingual. English is a highly requested language and it will open doors for you in the future. You will have access to study with a different educational system that will allow you to take new subjects and gain different knowledge. This will enhance your academic journey and work prospects. As everyday life in the United States is very different from everyday life in other countries, it will be a change that will allow you to be more independent and gain a sense of responsibility that if it had not been for this adventure, you could not have achieved! Also, thanks to the regulation of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training, the school year in the United States is validated in Spain. From 2Learn Group we manage the validation and advise our students so that they comply with the regulations required by the Ministry.

” The United States awaits you with the aim of making you live one of the best stages of your life. Embark on one of the most enriching and unique experiences you can imagine. You will learn, you will enjoy, you will grow and you will want to repeat. “

Are you ready?​

Sofia's experience

 “It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you adapt, you don’t want to go back. The best thing is that you have the support of your host family. They welcomed me as one more. We went on excursions to the mountains and the lake, they showed me the sights of the city, we went out to eat and even went to the movies a couple of times. It was an unforgettable experience”

american education

The American educational system is different from Spanish. The academic year is divided into two trimesters and you can choose from a wide variety of subjects according to your tastes, preferences or what you want to dedicate yourself to. Students will be responsible for organizing their schedule of five to seven subjects each year. These types of private schools in the United States seek to specialize their students in specific areas. The profile of the student who is usually interested in this type of center are those who plan or wish to prepare for a university career. The facilities at these centers are excellent and the education is highly personalized. The ratio of students per class is lower than that found in public schools, so the classes will be much closer and more individual for each student. Besides, it should be mentioned that they have a great offer in sports such as basketball, tennis, athletics, soccer, hockey, water polo, etc. In the United States, sports are a large part within educational centers so they may also participate in competitions with other schools. There are schools specialized in dance, art, theater or music, students who demonstrate their great ability within these areas may have the possibility of being able to complete a school year with specialized teachers in each field.

The family that is willing to host you is an essential and very important element to ensure a perfect stay as a student abroad. They will be the ones who will welcome you to their humble home and who will teach you what day-to-day life is like in their country and what their culture is like. All host families are very diverse and there is no perfect family. Some are young, some are older, some have children, some don’t, some live in the countryside, others in cities … They come in all shapes and sizes and with one or the other you can ensure a unique and enriching experience. Something that all these families have in common is the interest in meeting you and making you feel at home as they are very interested in cultural exchange and learning about new cultures. Finally, add that American families access this type of program in a genuine and non-profit manner. They are volunteer families who are delighted to receive young students from the other side of the world to discover new cultures. All families are previously selected, passing a rigorous process, so from 2Learn Group we ensure the safety of our students.


life in a boarding school

From 2Learn Group we collaborate with American organizations that offer a wide range of boarding schools distributed by the different states located in the United States. Students will be the ones who can choose if they prefer to attend a male, female or mixed school. These types of schools, when they are boarding schools, are usually located in rural areas or on the outskirts of cities. Students are always safe in charge and supervised by a team of professionals in a very close and individualized way, without feeling that they are in constant surveillance. This team is made up of teachers, academic advisors, people in charge of accommodation, sports coaches and the student’s office. The level required to achieve personal development and achieve academic goals is very high. On weekends, if students have completed their assigned tasks for that week, they will be able to participate in activities organized by the school such as trips, sports …



One of the advantages that Spaniards have is that you can validate your academic year for the equivalent in Spain. This is a great incentive to motivate young students to undertake these types of adventures that will be of great help in their academic and work future. In the United States, American schools oblige exchange students who are taking an academic program to take the subjects of American History and English, both valid in Spain. You must pass all the subjects you take and follow both the guidelines of the Spanish Ministry of Education and those of 2Learn Group in relation to the choice of subjects.



F-1 VISA The F-1 visa is issued to international students attending an academic program or an English Language Program at a school or university in the United States. Students may remain in the United States up to a maximum of 60 days beyond the period of time needed to complete the academic program, unless they have applied for and have been approved a work and stay application under the OTP (Optional Practical Training)


To begin the process you must contact us to request an interview in which we will inform you everything you need to know about the program and the relevant steps to sign up.
English level test
We will contact you to arrange an appointment with the intention of being able to carry out an English level test (ELTIS exam) and an interview. This exam must be passed in order to enroll in this program, but do not be afraid of it, the required level is a basic level. 
Once the exam is approved, we will go to the next step, fill in the file in which you will have to provide all your personal, medical and academic information. If there is any doubt about how to supplement this file, you can always contact us and we will be more than grateful to be able to help you. The place reservation must also be paid.
Host family
Finally, your information will be sent to the United States. Said information will be provided to those American families interested in being able to receive you and they will choose you to be able to live this enriching experience with them. The procedures for family accommodation and enrollment in the school will begin.


Fill in your details and we’ll send you our F1 catalog in no time.

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